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SEC Rule 606 (“Rule 606”) requires broker-dealers, such as Precision Securities, that route customer orders in equity and option securities, to make publicly available quarterly reports that, among other things, identify the market centers to which customer orders are routed for execution.

The Rule 606(a)(1) Report provides information on the routing of held, “non-directed orders” — any order that the client has not specifically instructed to be routed to a particular venue or market center for execution. For these non-directed orders, Precision Securities has selected the execution venue on behalf of its clients.

The Rule 606 Report presents the order routing information by calendar month and is divided into three sections per month:

  • Section 1 is for NMS stock orders in securities included in the S&P 500 Index;
  • Section 2 is for NMS stock orders in securities that are not included in the S&P 500 Index;
  • Section 3 is for NMS securities that are exchange–listed options.

Each section of the Report includes information concerning certain market centers to which Precision has routed orders, sets forth the percentage of various types of non-directed orders routed to these market centers (e.g., market, marketable limit, non-marketable limit, other), and discusses the material aspects of Precision’ relationship with these market centers. Material aspects of the relationship include a description of the terms of any payment for order flow and any profit-sharing arrangements that may influence a broker-dealer’s order routing decision.

The report may be viewed by selecting the appropriate file below.

Please click below to view our SEC Rule 606 Order Routing Report

2nd Quarter 2021 606(a) – PDF | XML
1st Quarter 2021 606(a) – PDF | XML
4th Quarter 2020 606(a) – PDF | XML
3rd Quarter 2020 606(a) – PDF | XML
2nd Quarter 2020 606(a) – PDF | XML
1st Quarter 2020 606(a) – No Covered Orders
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