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the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate

Prime Brokerage Services

Offering premiere customer service and a range of account tiers tailored to investors and active traders, Precision Securities Prime Brokerage is a trusted financial services firm based in San Diego, CA, serving clients since 2000.  Prime accounts can be opened with a minimum deposit of $600k.  DBAs accepted with proper documentation.

Precision Prime

Precision Prime accounts have access to an array of strategic clearing, custody, and execution venues for a tailored and customized platform. Custody and Prime accounts are introduced through Wedbush, Apex, and directly through our parent company Clear Street.    Our proprietary TMS product offers intuitive “away” trade entry, sortable broker P&L and commission reporting, segregated trader profit and cost assignment capability and a host of other trade/trader analysis reports.

Trade with Precision

Precision trade desk offer real-time account coverage on our high-touch trading desk for our prime clients as well as DVP/RVP accounts. Personalized service focused on customized execution and risk management strategies.  Each of our traders has in excess of 20 years navigational experience trading IPOs, secondary offerings, and new issue preferred.  Our trade desk integrates seamlessly with our prime accounts providing automated execution data to TMS.

Trading Platforms

Like to manage your own trades? Precision offers access to several exclusive trading platforms, complete customized order routing, algorithmic options, extensive borrow lists, and volume based flexible commission plans.  All trading platforms are integrated with prime accounts and TMS for single entry efficiency and accuracy.  Platforms are available for prime, custody and DVP/RVP accounts.

Precision Preferred

Precision specializes in the analysis, trading, and strategy for new issue preferred offerings from launch to listing.

Yield at Issue

Strategic Services

Our advanced Trade Management System, for Precision Prime Accounts.

Our strategic partner in real-time syndicate information and news breaking alerts.  Free subscription to Morning Notes, for Precision Prime Accounts.

Street Consensus of Opening-Day Premium IPO rating service and database.

Get trading activity, position, profit/loss, balance and payout information instantly, simply, and securely.

Proceed with Precision

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